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A supportive community to guide you through ritualizing the liminal transitions of life.

About Us

Hey there, welcome to the Rituals of Intention Community! My name is Claire Jones and I'm the Change Guide for Growth.

Through the use of empowered ritual and elevated wellness practices, I support women visionaries in transition who want to enhance joy, connection, self-expression, and ease

Why Ritual?

Ritual is an amazingly powerful way to ground yourself in the present moment, solidify intentions, imbue meaning, and provide sensory integration during liminal transitions.

More and more, we are craving deeper connections to ourselves, to our communities, to our environments, and to our sense of the extraordinary.

When is the last time you fell in love with your very presence?

With the fullness of being alive?

In a world of increased fragmentation, social isolation, blurring between work/social/personal spaces, variety of lifestyles, individual identities, and potential "solutions", we are searching for opportunities to connect authentically as our imperfect, vulnerable selves.

Are you looking for personal & social transformation? 

A chance to be creative & clarify your purpose?

A safe space to bring your questions about life's transitions?

This supportive community will host a variety of rituals, discussions, and activities designed around: Closure, Initiation, Expansion, Moon Phases, Elevated Wellness Practices, and much more!

Whether you're going through a divorce, a career change, moving homes, starting a business, expanding a business, or any of the many transitions we experience every single day -

We would be honored to be your trusted guides!


“Claire is one of the most creative, symbolic and intentional people I know. Going through her own spiritual awakening she created a release ritual to grieve the loss of an old identity (making a memorial headstone for it and doing a burning ritual) and celebratory welcome ritual for the new identity she was stepping into (24K Claire as she refers to it with a full welcome home sign like you see at the airports). Her artistic creativity takes her ritual work to another level. It’s tangible, visual, impactful, memorable and life altering. It brings solace to the soul when we ritualize the transitional times in our life and not just blow through them. From superstitions to cultural traditions rituals are all around us. It's special to know a woman of such creative intention when you want to mark the milestones in your life in a deeper and more meaningful way.” - Ashley R.

“Claire is incredible!!! Her services are so unique and tailored specifically to her clients. She is a JOY to work with and brings light and energy to her work. I highly recommend Claire.” - Angel H.

“I attended a couple of Claire's groups and got immediate solutions. She's a wealth of knowledge. She's kind, considerate and massively supportive of her clients. If you're just getting started or are hitting some roadblocks, do yourself a favor. Have a cup of coffee with Claire to chat about what's possible when you have her in your corner!” - Rebecca P.

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