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About Us

Hey there, welcome to the Practical Astrology Community! My name is Claire Jones and I'm an Intuitive Productivity Expert.

Through the use of astrology, neuroscience, and productivity practices, I support women visionaries in achieving more in less time with less stress.

First Step

In order to make fully aligned decisions that support us in outperforming and surpassing the many curveballs and pitfalls that can destabilize us as we pursue our BIG goals, we must start with who we are at the core as represented by our astrological birth chart.

Our chart is the compass that directly influences everything we feel, want, desire, repel, and dream. 

Only by moving in harmony with our planetary placements and positions can we truly succeed in our life's work.

Second Step

Next, we must figure out how to best nourish and support our authentic expression through aligned wellness practices backed by the power of neuroscience.

The Healthy Mind Platter, as developed by the NeuroLeadership Institute, guides us in devoting time to the seven areas of life that contribute to optimal performance, including: Play Time, Connecting Time, Physical Time, Sleep Time, Down Time, Time In, and Focus Time.

And our birth charts will show us how to prioritize the most aligned activities for these seven areas.

For example, a social activity that fulfills someone who has Venus in Capricorn will probably not have the same beneficial effect for someone whose Venus is in Pisces.

By combining astrology and neuroscience, we can craft our own ideal success formula.

In This Community...

You will find:

✨ Weekly Moon Phase Reports

✨ Retrograde Analyses

✨ Discussions on Productivity & Wellness Practices

✨ And Much More!

Please join us as we embrace our own versions of true, aligned success and joy!


“Claire is one of the most creative, symbolic and intentional people I know. Going through her own spiritual awakening she created a release ritual to grieve the loss of an old identity (making a memorial headstone for it and doing a burning ritual) and celebratory welcome ritual for the new identity she was stepping into (24K Claire as she refers to it with a full welcome home sign like you see at the airports). Her artistic creativity takes her ritual work to another level. It’s tangible, visual, impactful, memorable and life altering. It brings solace to the soul when we ritualize the transitional times in our life and not just blow through them. From superstitions to cultural traditions rituals are all around us. It's special to know a woman of such creative intention when you want to mark the milestones in your life in a deeper and more meaningful way.” - Ashley R.

“Claire is incredible!!! Her services are so unique and tailored specifically to her clients. She is a JOY to work with and brings light and energy to her work. I highly recommend Claire.” - Angel H.

“I attended a couple of Claire's groups and got immediate solutions. She's a wealth of knowledge. She's kind, considerate and massively supportive of her clients. If you're just getting started or are hitting some roadblocks, do yourself a favor. Have a cup of coffee with Claire to chat about what's possible when you have her in your corner!” - Rebecca P.